Comparable, akin, alike, analogous, cognate, commensurate, correspondent, corresponding, equal, equivalent, kindered, parallel, proportionate, related, similar, tantamount.

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Dissidence, schisme, sécession, séparation, différence, scission, division, rebellion, révolte. Colonne, support, pilier, pilastre, poteau, pilône, fût, cariatide, stèle, obélisque, aiguille, cippe, épine, échine, rachis. Excess, additional, extra, left-over, redundant, ramaining, residual, spare, superfluous, supernumerary, surplus. Se défendre, se reprendre, se ressaisir, disputer, lutter, refuser, résister, se méfier, se fermer, attaquer.

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Concise, abbreviated, abbridged, aphoristic, brief, compact, compendious, compressed, condensed, pithy, short, succint, summary, synoptic, terse. Several, assorted, different, distinct, diverse, individual, many, particular, separate, celibe, some, specific, various. Remplacer, substituer, changer, renouveler, succéder, relever, suppléer, représenter, doubler, supplanter, relayer, alterner.

Autocratic, absolute, all-powerful, authoritarian, despotic, dictatorial, domineering, imperious, overbearing, totalitarian, tyrannical. Degradation, abasement, decadence, decline, degeneration, deterioration, disgrace, dishonour, downgrading, humiliation, ignominy, mortification, perversion, shame. Free Spins cannot be retriggered but Scatters will pay according to the paytable. Hésitation, incertitude, indécision, balancement, doute, flottement, atermoiement, tergiversation, errement, tâtonnement, réticence, scrupule, résistance.


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