In this sense, public housing should also be oriented. The Committee, after a careful analysis and evaluation of the relationship between costs and benefits, will adopt the appropriate decisions with reference to the construction and completion of public works of national importance not expressly mentioned in this contract.

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It is also necessary for our students to keep abreast of cultural and scientific developments, for training that represents an essential tool to address the future with confidence. Combinare la ambito economica con quella sociale e ecologico aiuta ad identificare progetti che passano questa verifica. There is a need to introduce forms to bind parliamentarians to their mandate, to counter the ever-increasing phenomenon of transformism. In order to allow the reintegration of the citizen into the world of work, the provision of citizenship income requires an active commitment of the beneficiary who must adhere to job offers from employment centers maximum of three proposals over a two-year period , with the expiry of the benefit in case of refusal to carry out the requested work activity. We consider it a priority, to protect the "Made in Italy", to adopt a correct and transparent labeling system that guarantees greater consumer protection. Better regulation of the phenomenon is required, providing for the issuance of the authorization for the installation of slot machines - VLT only in well-defined places not in bars, gas stations, etc.

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Family and birth support policies It is necessary to refinance Local Authorities by giving priority to family welfare such as support for free nursery services for Italian families, policies for women, for the elderly and the third age, the support to the suburbs , with a view to synergy between all the components of the state to achieve the objectives of economic development of quality and to get the country out of the economic crisis. Cities have to monitor qualities such as open-mindedness, make people feel it is possible to think laterally, and allow people to take measured risks. We need a greater involvement and knowledge of environmental issues that can also build alliances and bring the ecological question to the center of politics. It means being alert, getting beyond seguire non nel condurre. Although the objective is to protect individual and collective health, guaranteeing the necessary vaccination coverage, the issue of the balance between the right to education and the right to health should be addressed, protecting pre-school and school-age children who may be risk of social exclusion. Security, legality and law enforcement Police With regard to the police, it is necessary to increase the funds available to the sector in order to provide for the expansion of the workforce, with the expectation of an increase in personnel, the renewal of existing contracts and the reordering of careers. In order to consolidate the growth and development of the country we consider it a priority to induce the European Commission to separate public productive investments from the current bilancio deficit, as announced several times by the same Commission, but never effectively and completely applied. Stop to Fornero law It is necessary to provide for the abolition of the social security system imbalances introduced by the so-called "Fornero" pension reform, allocating 5 billions to facilitate the retirement from the labor market of the categories today excluded. Code of Ethics of Government Members Participation as parlamentarian in the government will be barred to persons who: have reported criminal convictions, even if not definitive, for the crimes of which to the article 7 of the legislative decree 31 December , n.

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The Innovation produced can depend on improvements of industrial processes or on scientific innovations or on the creation of new products and new technologies. Animazioni uniche, grafica all'avanguardia, suono cristallino e tutti i jackpot che si possano desiderare. Valuing the worth of other disciplines is vital and often leads to imaginative recombinations. The Creative Class experienced a shift towards technology, research and development, and the internet and related fields occurring in the postwar economies of many countries. Even though the Creative Class has been around for centuries, the U.


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